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Books of The Times: In ‘Autumn,’ Karl Ove Knausgaard Shows His Sweet Side

Knausgaard’s latest book, the first in a planned quartet, closely describes the material world for his daughter....

Books of The Times: ‘The Burning Girl,’ About Intense Pre-Teenage Friendship, Never Catches Fire

In her new novel, Claire Messud writes about “secret sisters,” “umbilically linked and inseparable,” and about how their bond dissolves....

Fiction: Inside Lizzie Borden’s House of Horror

In her novel, “See What I Have Done,” Sarah Schmidt turns the story of Lizzie Borden and the Fall River murders into a grisly exploration of madness....

Nonfiction: In ‘Campus Confidential,’ a Professor Laments That Teaching Is Not the Priority of Teachers

Jacques Berlinerblau, a professor at Georgetown, explains that at colleges and universities, you don’t get what you pay for....

Q. and A.: Tell Us 5 Things About Your Book: Patricia Williams Goes From Crime to Comedy

In her new memoir, “Rabbit,” the standup comedian tells how she overcame a young life of poverty and drug dealing to become a performer....

Fiction: Three Deadly Days: One Town’s Experience of the Holocaust

Rachel Seiffert’s novel “A Boy in Winter” probes the bonds and betrayals in a Ukrainian town as it succumbs to Hitler’s armies....