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Nonfiction: The Curious Conundrum of Freud’s Persistent Influence

“Freud,” a critical biography by Frederick Crews, asks why the creator of a scientifically delegitimized blueprint of the mind still carries so much sway....

Nonfiction: A Family Memoir Makes the Case That Autism Is Different, Not Less

Judith Newman’s “To Siri With Love,” about life with an autistic son, is both riotous and moving....

By the Book: Karl Ove Knausgaard: By the Book

The author of the six-volume autobiographical novel “My Struggle” and, most recently, “Autumn” steers clear of crime fiction: “I only read crime novels when I’m depressed, so I try to avoid them.”...

Profile: Why George Guidall Is the Undisputed King of Audiobooks

His rich baritone has been called the voice of choice for more than 1,300 pieces of literature, including “Crime and Punishment,” “The Corrections” and plenty of Stephen King....

Crime: Crime Fiction: Sue Grafton Nears the End of Her Alphabet Mysteries

Kinsey Millhone makes one of her last crime column appearances. Elsewhere, we meet rough limo drivers, inept Laotian athletes and a wry L.A. coroner....

Nonfiction: Ellen Ullman’s New Book Tackles Tech’s Woman Problem

The pioneering programmer discusses her career and the dangers the internet poses to culture, privacy and civility in “Life in Code.”...