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Engineers deliver new key components to help power a fusion energy experiment

Fusion power, which lights the sun and stars, requires temperatures of millions of degrees to fuse the particles inside plasma, a soup of charged gas that fuels fusion reactions. Here on Earth, scientists developing fusion as a safe, clean and abundant source of energy must produce temperatures hotter than the core of the sun in doughnut-shaped facilities called tokamaks. Much of the power needed to reach these temperatures comes from high-energy beams that physicists pump into the plasma throug...

S. Africa opposes online rhino horn auction

South Africa on Friday moved to halt an online auction of rhino horn starting next week, as outraged conservationists said the sale would undermine the global ban on rhino trade....

NASA gets a final look at Hurricane Gert's rainfall

Before Hurricane Gert became a post-tropical cyclone, NASA got a look at the rainfall occurring within the storm. After Gert became post-tropical NOAAs GOES-East satellite captured an image as Gert was merging with another system....

China opens its first 'cyber court'

Chinas first cyber court was launched on Friday to settle online disputes, as the legal system attempts to keep up with the explosion of mobile payment and e-commerce....

NASA launches last of its longtime tracking satellites

NASA launched the last of its longtime tracking and communication satellites on Friday, a vital link to astronauts in orbit as well as the Hubble Space Telescope....

Alleged Yahoo hacker in Canada to forgo extradition hearing

A Canadian man accused in a massive hack of Yahoo emails will forgo his extradition hearing and go face the charges in the United States....

Cross-Cultural Studies of Biological Aging -  - Academic sku

Cross-Cultural Studies of Biological Aging - by Pergamon

Item description: This Academic product is by Pergamon - Cross-Cultural Studies of Biological Aging reviews papers that tackle issues of biological aging from a cross-cultural perspective. The studies emphasize the interaction of biological, cultural, and environmental factors that provides the data about the range of variation in certain biological process. The book is comprised of 12 chapters that cover various concerns about the aging process from a cross-cultural perspective. Chapter 1 discusses the biological function, activity, and dependency among elderly Sherpa in the Nepal Himalayas, while Chapter 2 deals with work, aging, and dependency in a Sherpa population in Nepal. The third chapter tackles the population genetic models in the study of aging and longevity in a Mennonite community, and the fourth chapter talks about the secular changes in age-specific cause of death in Sanday, Orkney Islands. Chapter 5 covers the developmental and genetic responses to differential childhood mortality, while Chapter 6 discusses how mortality is related to cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus in a modernizing population. The seventh chapter tackles the biocultural risks in longevity of Samoans in California. Chapter 8 discusses the changes with age of anatomical distribution of fat, while Chapter 9 provides a comparison of visually estimated age with physiological predicted age as indicators of rates of aging. Chapter 10 reviews a longitudinal study about the patterns of adult weight and fat changes in six Solomon Islands societies, and Chapter 11 discusses aging in selected anthropometric dimensions in a rural Zapotec-speaking community in the valley of Oaxaca, Mexico. The last chapter compares blood pressure at rest and during exercise among Sherpas and Tibetan migrants in Nepal. The text will be of great interest to researchers whose work involves understanding other factors that have causal relationship with biological aging.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Pergamon

Store: Elsevier is a world-leading provider of information solutions that enhance the performance of science, health, and technology professionals, empowering them to make better decisions, deliver better care, and make groundbreaking discoveries, that advance the boundaries of knowledge and human progress. Elsevier buy personas include individual researchers, corporations, academic institutions, educators, students, librarians and health professionals.



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