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UK moves to tighten rules on drone use

British officials have announced plans to regulate drone use in a bid to prevent accidents and threats to commercial aviation....

Creating the largest neutrino detectors in the world

A new era in neutrino physics in the United States is underway, and UW–Madisons Physical Sciences Laboratory (PSL) in Stoughton is playing a key role....

National Weather Service cancels its union contract

In what could be the first major labor showdown of the Trump administration, the National Weather Service announced it will cancel its contract with the union representing about 3,800 of its meteorologists and other workers....

Optimization for self-production may explain mysterious features of the ribosome

Optimization for self-production may explain key features of ribosomes, the protein production factories of the cell, reported researchers from Harvard Medical School in Nature on July 20....

Name that scotch: Colorimetric recognition of aldehydes and ketones

Vodka tastes different from brandy, and connoisseurs can distinguish among different brands of whiskeys. The flavors of spirits result from a complex bouquet of volatile compounds. New colorimetric sensor arrays on disposable test-strips read by hand-held devices allow for their rapid, inexpensive, and sensitive identification by their chemical fingerprints. They are based on novel sensor arrays that detect and differentiate among a diverse range of aldehydes and ketones, as reported in the jour...

NASA sees Tropical Storm Noru east of Japan

NASAs Terra satellite captured a visible-light image of Tropical Storm Noru after it formed far to the east of Japan in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean....

 - The Arctic Cod - Academic sku

The Arctic Cod - by Pergamon

Item description: This Academic product is by Pergamon - The Arctic Cod: A Study of Research into the British Trawl Fisheries discusses trawl fishing in the North Sea. The book reviews the history of trawl fishing from the seventeenth century until the mid-nineteenth century when it developed into an industry. Scientific studies of the Artic cod begins in 1860 when the Norwegians started keeping record of their catches at Lofoten. Britain starts to keep reliable records of catches in 1929; and the first study of the Artic cod was by Michael Graham in 1949, done in three ships, the R.V. Ernest Holt, G.O. Sars, and Johan Hjort. The book describes the research work done on the R.V. Ernest Holt at the cod grounds near Bear Island. The Artic cod lives in the Barents Sea and spawn in the Vestfjord; it travels between 1,000 and 1,600 miles each year between its feeding and spawning grounds. The text also describes how the study is undertaken at sea including monitoring temperature measurements, mesh-size, blood samples; and of carrying on studies of fish on the markets, such as recording the number of boats catching what kind of fish. The text also discusses the future of fisheries research in the international arena. This book is suitable for marine biologists, environmentalists, marine conservationists, and researchers interested in marine science.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Pergamon

Store: Elsevier is a world-leading provider of information solutions that enhance the performance of science, health, and technology professionals, empowering them to make better decisions, deliver better care, and make groundbreaking discoveries, that advance the boundaries of knowledge and human progress. Elsevier buy personas include individual researchers, corporations, academic institutions, educators, students, librarians and health professionals.



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