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Parents turn to Uber to shuttle kids, even though it's not allowed

Teenager Emily Lieber needed a ride home from the bus stop, so she did what her parents might do: She called Uber....

Whole Foods shareholders say yes to Amazon deal

Whole Foods shareholders voted Wednesday to bless a $13.7 billion union with Amazon that the organic grocery chains CEO had called love at first sight....

In Seattle, behind-the-scenes Facebook team wrangles digital deluge in massive cloud

More than 2 billion people log into Facebook every month. Every day, the social-media crowd uploads billions of photos, calls up hundreds of millions of hours of video, and fires off a prodigious flurry of likes and comments. Somebody has to store that slice of humanitys digital record....

Disease-carrying mosquitoes rare in undisturbed tropical forests

A new study by scientists from the Smithsonian, the Panamanian government and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, among other institutions, concludes that conserving old-growth tropical rainforest is highly recommended to prevent new outbreaks of viral and parasitic mosquito-borne diseases....

Anglers' delight as algal blooms breakthrough highlights innovative science

Millions of fish-deaths caused by toxic Prymnesium algal blooms could be prevented with the application of a household chemical best known for bleaching hair, breakthrough research has revealed....

'Sci-fi to real life': US invests $17 million in laser tech

The U.S. Defense Department is investing $17 million in high-powered laser technology that has the potential for practical uses on the battlefield, from destroying enemy drones to disrupting communication systems....

Clays and Clay Minerals -  - Academic sku

Clays and Clay Minerals - by Pergamon

Item description: This Academic product is by Pergamon - Clays and Clay Minerals, Volume 8 contains the proceedings of the Eighth National Conference on Clays and Clay Minerals held in Norman, Oklahoma, on October 11-14, 1959 and sponsored by the Clay Minerals Committee of the National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council in cooperation with the University of Oklahoma. The papers explore research findings as well as problems related to clays and clay minerals in many diverse disciplines. This volume is comprised of 22 chapters and begins with a description of clays and clay minerals present in Wichita Mountain area, southwestern Oklahoma, followed by an analysis of the correlations of kaolinite crystallinity with chemical and physical properties. An evaluation of the amount and distribution of montmorillonite in some kaolins found in Georgia and South Carolina is then presented. Subsequent chapters focus on the geology, mineralogy, and genesis of selected fireclays from Latah County, Idaho; chemical weathering of layer silicate clays in loess-derived Tama silt loam of southwestern Wisconsin; possible uses of clay minerals in the search for oil; and a geochemical method for determining paleosalinity. The final chapter presents the results of a mineralogical analysis of soil clays involving vermiculite-chlorite-kaolinite differentiation. This book will appeal to geologists, geochemists, and mineralogists.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Pergamon

Store: Elsevier is a world-leading provider of information solutions that enhance the performance of science, health, and technology professionals, empowering them to make better decisions, deliver better care, and make groundbreaking discoveries, that advance the boundaries of knowledge and human progress. Elsevier buy personas include individual researchers, corporations, academic institutions, educators, students, librarians and health professionals.



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