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VW and regulators agree on fix for cars in cheating scandal

Volkswagen and U.S. environmental regulators announced agreement Thursday on a plan for the German automaker to fix most of the diesel cars involved in an emissions cheating scandal....

I.Coast seizes record three tonnes of pangolin scales

Authorities in Ivory Coast have seized a record haul of three tonnes of pangolin scales worth an estimated $82,000, in what officials on Thursday called a massacre....

Biochemists link synthetic compound to hunger-hormone production

New research suggests that a man-made cousin of a small molecule found in olive oil can disrupt the hunger-signaling pathway. Researchers identified this promising new target by screening a library of roughly 1,600 small molecules for potential disruptors. Because the small molecule could influence how the body senses and utilizes energy, it has the potential to be developed into a treatment for conditions that affect energy balance, like diabetes and obesity....

DNA links male, female butterfly thought to be distinct species

Researchers recently discovered what was thought to be a distinct species of butterfly is actually the female of a species known to science for more than a century....

Seeing the light: Researchers seek to improve solar cell technology using new materials and nanowires

Researchers at Rochester Institute of Technology are expanding solar cell technology using nanowires to capture more of the suns energy and transform it into usable electricity. Comparable to ultra-thin blades of grass, nanowires added to todays conventional materials are capable of capturing more light and can be cost-effective solutions for adopting solar energy into the broader consumer market....

Ultracold molecules hold promise for quantum computing

Researchers have taken an important step toward the long-sought goal of a quantum computer, which in theory should be capable of vastly faster computations than conventional computers, for certain kinds of problems. The new work shows that collections of ultracold molecules can retain the information stored in them, for hundreds of times longer than researchers have previously achieved in these materials....

 - A Synopsis of Infectious and Tropical Diseases - Academic sku

A Synopsis of Infectious and Tropical Diseases - by Butterworth-Heinemann

Item description: This Academic product is by Butterworth-Heinemann - A Synopsis of Infectious and Tropical Diseases provides a summary of information on the diagnosis and management of infectious and tropical diseases. It contains essential information required by general practitioners, specialists, medical students and graduates preparing for higher examinations, the nursing profession, and health workers in the proper management of infective and tropical diseases. This book is organized into nine chapters that describe the signs and symptoms, clinical forms and manifestations, incubation period, stages of invasion, mode of transmission, epidemiology, and treatment of different tropical and infectious diseases such as those caused by viruses, protozoans, and metazoan parasites. These diseases include herpesvirus infections, blackwater fever, and trematode or fluke infections. This book will be of interest to travelers and people in the medical profession.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Butterworth-Heinemann

Store: Elsevier is a world-leading provider of information solutions that enhance the performance of science, health, and technology professionals, empowering them to make better decisions, deliver better care, and make groundbreaking discoveries, that advance the boundaries of knowledge and human progress. Elsevier buy personas include individual researchers, corporations, academic institutions, educators, students, librarians and health professionals.



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