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Single molecular layer and thin silicon beam enable nanolaser operation at room temperature

For the first time, researchers have built a nanolaser that uses only a single molecular layer, placed on a thin silicon beam, which operates at room temperature. The new device, developed by a team of researchers from Arizona State University and Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, could potentially be used to send information between different points on a single computer chip. The lasers also may be useful for other sensing applications in a compact, integrated format....

National Solar Observatory predicts shape of solar corona for august eclipse

August 21st will bring a history-making opportunity for the entire United States. On that day, every person in the country, including Hawaii and Alaska, will have an opportunity to witness at least a partial solar eclipse as the moon moves in front of the Sun. If you have the good fortune to be along the path of totality, stretching from Oregon to South Carolina, you will get to witness one of the most awe-inspiring views in nature the wispy wonders of the solar corona....

Supernova-hunting team finds comet with aid of amateur astronomer

Carnegies Benjamin Shappee is part of a team of scientists, including an Australian amateur astronomer, which discovered a new comet last week....

Three-man crew reaches International Space Station

A three-man space crew from Italy, Russia and the United States on Friday arrived at the International Space Station for a five-month mission Friday....

Sewage system failures plague Mexican tourist destinations

Sewage breakdowns in Mexico Citys floating gardens of Xochimilco and in the countrys Yucatan peninsula resort of Isla Holbox have officials warning of threats to residents and tourism....

Researchers pioneer greener way to create interwoven polymers with blue light

A pair of engineers at the University of Delaware has developed a process to form interwoven polymer networks more easily, quickly and sustainably than traditional methods allow. Their secret ingredient Blue light....

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