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Chinese authorities put the brakes on a surge in live streaming

Its becoming a common refrain. A new social networking technology takes China by storm. Its users outsmart the censors, ushering in an era of relative freedom. And then, almost inevitably, the Communist Party begins to feel threat...

Hints of extra dimensions in gravitational waves?

Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute/AEI) in Potsdam found that hidden dimensions – as predicted by string theory – could influence gravitational waves. In a recently publi...

2020 deadline to avert climate catastrophe: experts

Humanity must put carbon dioxide emissions on a downward slope by 2020 to have a realistic shot at capping global warming at well under two degrees Celsius, the bedrock goal of the Paris climate accord, experts said Wednesday....

Minnesota scientist: EPA pressured her to change testimony

A Minnesota scientist who leads an Environmental Protection Agency scientific advisory board says she was pressured by the agencys chief of staff to change her testimony before Congress to downplay the Trump administrations decisi...

How minimizing fluid friction can make oceangoing vessels more fuel-efficient and reduce harmful emissions

Imagine walking from one side of a swimming pool to the other. Each step takes great effort—thats what makes water aerobics such effective physical exercise....

Calculating 'old' and 'new' water runoff

Just ahead of a rainstorm, Cody Ross might run out to an agricultural research site as part of his graduate work. Hell need to get some dye into an injection well. The point To evaluate the path that water follows from the field d...

Improving Chinese air pollution leads to business opportunities

Chinas trouble with smog and air pollution is well known, but air quality is beginning to improve as Chinese authorities start to tackle the problem. According to a story in Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN), the weekly newsmagaz...