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Ten million tonnes of fish wasted every year despite declining fish stocks

Industrial fishing fleets dump nearly 10 million tonnes of good fish back into the ocean every year, according to new research....

Spain firefighters gain upper hand over blaze near nature reserve

Spanish firefighters on Monday beat back a wildfire which threatens a renowned national park that is home to endangered species and has forced the evacuation of over 2,000 people from homes, campsites and hotels....

Subway digging uncovers 'Pompeii-like scene' in Rome

Digging for Romes new subway has unearthed the charred ruins of a 3rd century building and the 1,800-year-old skeleton of a dog that apparently perished in a fire....

Report reveals improvements and persistent inequities in college access and success in NYC

A new report from the Research Alliance for New York City Schools provides an in-depth look at high school students pathways into and through college, revealing large improvements in college access, but also highlighting persistent differences in outcomes for historically underrepresented groups of students....

New method to rapidly map the 'social networks' of proteins

Salk scientists have developed a new high-throughput technique to determine which proteins in a cell interact with each other. Mapping this network of interactions, or interactome, has been slow going in the past because the number of interactions that could be tested at once was limited. The new approach, published June 26 in Nature Methods, lets researchers test millions of relationships between thousands of proteins in a single experiment....

Predicting future outcomes in the natural world

When pesticides and intentional fires fail to eradicate an invasive plant species, declaring biological war may be the best option....

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