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Omelette in a Mug

Friends, I have a new favorite way to cook eggs—in a mug, in a microwave. No kidding. For reals! Why Well first, it takes only a couple minutes to make, and clean-up is easy. Second, while so many microwave mug recipes result in a poor substitute for something properly cooked, a microwaved mug omelette is surprisingly tender and delicious. Third, when I’m trying to eat light, this way of cooking eggs cuts down substantially on added fat. It just uses a quick spray of cooking oil (or...

Creamy Celery Soup

Time to curl up under a cozy blanket and enjoy a warm bowl of soup. This week’s pick A classic creamy celery soup. Like cabbage, celery is an oft neglected vegetable, prized for its place in a mirepoix, but rarely the star of the show. Which is silly when you think about it, given how good celery is in soups. (Can you imagine chicken soup without it) Continue reading Creamy Celery Soup » ...

Skillet Chermoula Chicken

Are you familiar with Chermoula It’s the Moroccan answer to pesto—a spicy herb sauce often used in North African cuisine. Although chermoula is most often paired with fish, it’s excellent with chicken! Chicken thighs hold their own with this flavorful rub made with parsley, cilantro, garlic, cumin, coriander, lemon, and olive oil. Continue reading Skillet Chermoula Chicken » ...

How to Cook Mushrooms without Fat

Do you know the easiest way to cook mushrooms Here’s a method I’ve been using for years. It’s called “dry sautéing”. You cook sliced mushrooms in a hot pan without adding any fat, liquid, or sauce. As the mushrooms heat up in the pan, they release their juices and cook in their own liquid.  Continue reading How to Cook Mushrooms without Fat » ...

Prime Rib

Prime rib claims center stage during holiday season for a very good reason. It is the king of beef cuts. It’s called a standing rib roast because to cook it, you position the roast majestically on its rib bones in the roasting pan. Beautifully marbled with fat, this roast is rich, juicy, and tender—a feast for the eyes and the belly. Continue reading Prime Rib » ...

Cauliflower Mashed “Potatoes” with Browned Butter

I had to laugh at our last holiday meal when my sister proclaimed, “these are the best mashed potatoes ever!” only to be informed that she was eating mashed cauliflower. Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes have been around for a while, and if you have yet to get on the bandwagon, I encourage you to try them! Cauliflower makes an excellent low carb substitute for starchy potatoes. Though we like mashed cauliflower so much that we usually serve both—cauliflower and mashed potatoes—at ou...

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